Straight Gays in VR

When two straight male friends decide to try gay sex for the first time, you know you’re going to be stroking your cock like a crazy as you feel yourself right next to them in 3D virtual reality. Watch in VR Now!

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Butt Fucking VR Gay Sex Party

Ever wanted to experience a real 3D immersive gay sex party in VR? Muscular studs and cute twinks are everywhere you look, stiff boners and sucking and fucking – with you at the center of the gay sex action! Hardest gay sex ogy scenes ever filmed in virtual reality! Watch in VR Now!

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The Gay Family Man

To all appearances Martin Mazza is happily married and a classic family man. Sure, the guy is sexy as hell and turns the heads of both women and men alike. But if he wont cheat on his beautiful wife for some young pussy, he surely wont wreck his marriage by fucking another man? Wrong!

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The most amazing gay orgy ever captured in virtual reality, and you can be there, part of the xxx action with any vr headset. Stars THREE hot young college style studs who are hungry to taste each other’s bodies, as well as the sperm that all four of you are naturally going to shooting at the end!




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Gay VR Masturbation in the Shower

A horny Spanish hunk is taking a shower. Maybe it’s because he has a sneaking feeling that guys like you are watching him in virtual reality, fapping like crazy to his body, that makes him so horny he starts masturbating, first with his hand, then with a gay Fleshlight sex toy! Take Antonio Miracle’s big load in VR through your Smartphone Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR or Oculus Rift!


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Happy VR Gay Sex Year

Have you been keeping up your new year resolution to have plenty of hard gay sex in vr? If not, we have just the thing for you. A horny gay Spanish man with a tight butt that was made for fucking in virtual reality! Enjoy this amazing Gay VR porn scene in 180º FOV and our awesome Binaural Sound in your Smartphone Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR or Oculus Rift!


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Dominic Ford VR Gay Porn

Dominic Ford is now filming 3D VR Gay Porn movies! The legendary gay porn producer will launch his first gay vr movie this week. Not only will it be in immersive 3D, it will be the first virtual reality gay porn video to feature full 360 degree head motion tracking, truly putting you in the center of an amazing gay sex scene!

Join Dominic Ford now and be the first to download VR Gay Porn!

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Real VR Gay Porn

Real VR GAY PORN for all virtual reality headsets including the Oculus Rift (developer’s kit and the forthcoming consumer version), the Samsung Gear VR, and Google Cardboard.


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Tough Guys – VR Gay Porn Movie

A fantastic hardcore gay vr porn movie – let this hunky stud ride your cock as your fap off in virtual reality ecstacy!


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A Layman’s Guide to Virtual Reality (VR)

A useful and simple guide to what virtual reality (vr) is :

What is virtual reality?
It’s really just immersive software. You know how your phone is a tiny screen that you sometimes ignore? Virtual reality is pretty much the opposite. It uses a headset (you know, a big pair of glasses) that fills your entire field of view with an image. You turn your head left, you see left. Turn your head right, you see right. In current incarnations, all content is presented in 3-D, too.

Okay, but that’s an old idea, right? So why is everyone talking about it now?
It is old! It’s super old. Decades old. 1955 old.

But there are two reasons it’s taken off today with the consumer market in mind:

First, the necessary technologies have just gotten small and cheap enough—and that’s all because of the hundreds of millions of smartphones out there today. Smartphones have brought us the super sharp displays that are required to put a screen just inches from someone’s eyeballs without looking pixelated, and they also lowered prices on once-specialized components like accelerometers, which can track head movements and other stuff.